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Trying to Define what intermediate means will get many different responses from different people. We will define intermediate as being beyond beginner but in front of advanced. That leaves a lot of ground to cover. Hopefully, you will find something here to learn or at least remind you of something you might have forgotten.

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Fundamentals (basics of theory)

- A list of intermediate lessons.

Intermediate chord lessons

  1. Building a context
  2. Intervals, pt.2
  3. General Chord theory
  4. Major chords
  5. Minor chords (m)
  6. Power chords (5)
  7. Diminished chords (o)
  8. Harmonizing the major scale (triads)
  9. Harmonizing the major scale (seventh chords)
  10. Progressions
  11. Voicings
  12. Arpeggios, pt.2
  13. Dominant seventh chord (7)
  14. Minor seventh chord (m7)
  15. Major seventh chord (maj7)
  16. Half-diminished seventh chord (m7b5)
  17. Sus and add chords (sus4, add9, etc.)
  18. 6, m6, mb6
  19. Dominant nine chord
  20. Harmonizing the major scale (ninth, eleventh, thirteenth chords)
  21. Altered chords

  22. Augmented chord
  23. minor/major seventh chords
  24. diminished seventh chords
  25. Arpeggios, pt.3
  26. minor nine chords (m9)
  27. major nine chords
  28. Borrowed Chords

  29. Passing chords
  30. Major Eleven (maj11)
  31. Dominant eleven (11)
  32. Minor eleven (m11)
  33. Major Thirteen (maj13)
  34. Dominant thirteen (13)
  35. Minor thirteen (m13)

Intermediate scale lessons (duplicate lessons removed)

  1. Building a context
  2. Intervals
  3. General Scale theory
  4. Pentatonic Major
  5. Pentatonic minor
  6. Scatting, soloing, and improvising.
  7. Articulations, pt.2
  8. The major scale (the ionian mode)
  9. The minor scale (the aeolian mode)
  10. Single string technique
  11. Mixolydian mode
  12. Modes of the major scale, pt.1
  13. Modes of the major scale, pt.2
  14. Modes of the major scale, pt.3
  15. Dorian mode
  16. Lydian mode
  17. Phrygian mode

  18. Some minor scales (harmonic min., melodic min., gypsy min.)
  19. Harmonic minor scale
  20. Modes of the harmonic minor scale
  21. Spanish major
  22. Blues scale
  23. Modes of the pentatonic scales
  24. Melodic minor
  25. Modes of the melodic minor scale
  26. Diminished scales (W-1/2,1/2-W)
  27. Gypsy Minor scale
  28. Modes of the Gypsy Minor Scale
  29. Modes and progressions revisited

  30. Whole tone scale and other symmetric scales
  31. Create your own scale lessons
  32. Hungarian scale and its modes
  33. Enigmatic scale and its modes
  34. Neapolitan major Scale and its modes
  35. Neapolitan minor scale and its modes
  36. Persian scale and its modes
  37. the Bop scale
  38. Hirojoshi and its modes
  39. Pelog and Balinese and their modes

Intermediate fretboard lessons(duplicate lessons not listed)

  1. Chromatic scale applied to the fretboard
  2. Intervals on the fretboard
  3. Octaves on the fretboard
  4. Creating Fretboard maps
  5. Zone systems
  6. Octaves and Caged systems
  7. Other Octaves
  8. Harmonics
  9. Capos

Intermediate Theory Fundamentals

  1. Transposition
  2. Cadences
  3. Melodic Analysis
  4. Advanded Rhythmic concepts
  5. Voice-leading
  6. Progressions
  7. Seventh Chords
  8. Modulation
  9. Secondary Dominants
  10. Binary and Terenary Forms

Intermediate Style studies

- Invitation to advanced studies for the guitar.

Christopher Roberts

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