The fretboard


This portion of the site is devoted to the study of the fretboard and it's association with other communication tools such as TAB, chord/scale diagrams, standard notation, and intervals. The lessons build on previous lessons, so if you come across an unfamiliar term or idea not explained in the lesson, it might help to go back and read through previous lessons. Some of this information can be found in a different form in either the lesson archives, or the on-line book. These lessons are more streamlined and do not contain as much review per lesson.


Beginner's Fretboard lessons

These lessons work step-by-step through the conventions, and abstractions considered foundational to further studies.

  1. How to read fretboard maps/diagrams
  2. How to read TAB
  3. The Chromatic scale
  4. Standard Tuning, Relative Tuning
  5. Names of the notes on the fretboard
  6. Reading standard notation
  7. Standard notation applied to the fretboard

Glossary of terms


Intermediate Fretboard Lessons


  1. Chromatic scale applied to the fretboard
  2. Intervals on the fretboard
  3. Octaves on the fretboard
  4. Creating Fretboard maps
  5. Zone systems
  6. Octaves and Caged systems
  7. Other Octaves
  8. Harmonics
  9. Capos


Advanced Fretboard Lessons

  1. Alternate Tunings
  2. This site is under construction. Anything listed without a link is in the editing phase or on the list to be edited soon.

  3. Fretless boards
  4. String acoustics
  5. Capo cutting, multiple capos
  6. Bass for guitar players
  7. Other String Instruments
  8. Tuning Theory



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