Who we are

We believe in bringing out the ability to express oneself through the guitar. We've been working with students and teachers since 1988 to build a coherent progressive system of learning to play the guitar.

In 1993, "Elements of Intermediate Guitar" was released to bridge the gap between the plethora of beginner's materials available and the handful of advanced materials that are unacessible to the player who has completed the beginners materials. A second edition was released for the 1rst time to the public in 1997. A third updated edition is in the works.

In 2001, online instruction began, as well as the formation of local workshops, and a coalition of like-minded local teachers in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

What we offer

We offer instruction, advice, and guidance in learning to use the instrument as a tool to express oneself.

Most lessons are progressive allowing one to build off previous knowledge, and building a context to understand the learning within.

Through the use of online guitar lessons, personal guitar lessons, group workshops, and texts/workbooks, we offer a bridge between beginner and advanced instruction. We offer the knowledge necessary to be able to teach oneself.

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