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This page is for guitarists. Specifically for those learning the guitar. We are here to help you. This is part of a larger site, to go there, click here.

Beginning to learn the guitar can seem intimidating. Learning the guitar need not be hard. There is something here for all beginners, whether you've never played a note, or if you've finished a book or two and things are still not connecting for you, there's something here for you too.

Unsure if you're a beginner or not?
It's subjective, but here's a questionaire to help you gain some perspective.

Let's get started!
Eager to jump into it? Here are some pages.

Guit. 101
- never picked up a guitar? Find here the names of the parts of the guitar, and other vital information to get you started.
Music 101
- forgotten all the music you learned in school? Here is a refresher on some fundamentals.

Having problems? - troubleshooting problems
Gear selection
- a FAQ for beginners
Performance tips
Advice on teachers, books, etc.
Curious about chords?
Chord book
Stymied by scales?
Figuring out the fretboard?
Beginner's links
Accelerate your learning
- building a context

Ready to go beyond being a beginner?
Programmed beginner's lessons
Systematic Beginner's lessons
A map of this site
I've got rhythm!
Slightly out of tune
- no desefinado
Fundamentals (basics of theory)

- A list of beginner's lessons.

Beginner's chord lessons

  1. First chords
  2. How to read chord diagrams
  3. How to place fingers down on the fretboard
  4. How to read TAB
  5. Open major chords
  6. Troubleshooting finger problems
  7. Chords that go together
  8. Simple strumming
  9. Root notes
  10. Open minor chords
  11. Finding the 5
  12. Alternating bass
  13. Up the neck
  14. Slash Chords
  15. Voicings
  16. Arpeggios

Beginner's scale lessons (duplicate lessons removed)

  1. The Chromatic scale
  2. Finger warmups
  3. First scales
  4. Intervals
  5. Step patterns
  6. Major Scale
  7. Articulations
  8. Licks, riffs, etc.

Beginner's fretboard lessons(duplicate lessons not listed)

  1. Standard Tuning, relative Tuning
  2. Names of the notes on the fretboard
  3. Reading standard notation
  4. Standard notation applied to the fretboard

Beginner's Theory Fundamentals

  1. Basic intro: time + sound
  2. Notating pitch
  3. Basics of Rhythm
  4. Time Signatures
  5. Intervals
  6. Intro to Scales
  7. Major Scale
  8. Minor scale
  9. Key Signatures
  10. Triads
  11. Intro to Form and Style

Beginner's Styles Lessons

  1. Basic Fingerpicking
  2. Basic Blues Shuffles

- Invitation to intermediate guitar.

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