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This page is for guitarists. Specifically for those learning the guitar. We are here to help you. This is part of a larger site, to go there, click here.

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Trying to Define what intermediate means will get many different responses from different people. We will define intermediate as being beyond beginner but in front of advanced. That leaves a lot of ground to cover. Hopefully, you will find something here to learn or at least remind you of something you might have forgotten.

Unsure of what sorts of things to be studying, and how to gauge your progress?
It's subjective, but here's a questionaire to help you gain some perspective.

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Chord book
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Figuring out the fretboard?
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- Abstractions

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Fundamentals (basics of theory)

- A list of advanced lessons.

Advancedchord lessons

  1. Polychords
  2. Polytonality
  3. Alternate harmonizations: in 4ths
  4. Alternate Harmonizations: in 5ths
  5. Modulation
  6. Chord Substitution

Advanced scale lessons

  1. Modal families

Advanced fretboard lessons(duplicate lessons not listed)

  1. Alternate Tunings
  2. Fretless boards
  3. String acoustics
  4. Capo cutting, multiple capos
  5. Bass for guitar players
  6. Other String Instruments
  7. Tuning Theory

Intermediate/Advanced Theory Fundamentals

  1. Polyphony
  2. Counterpoint
  3. Borrowed Chords
  4. Augmented 6th chords
  5. Classical forms: fugue, sonata, rondo
  6. 9th, 11th, 13th chords
  7. altered dominants and chromatic mediants
  8. 12-tone technique

Jazz Theory lessons

  1. Chord Functionality
  2. Embellishment
  3. Voicing, Voice-leading, cadences, progressions
  4. Modal harmony
  5. Non-functional harmony
  6. Blues rhythms and structures
  7. Reharmonization
  8. Non-tertian Harmonizations
  9. Chord Substitution

Advanced Style studies

- Invitation to master studies for the guitar.

Christopher Roberts

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