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December 19, 2009 - snowed in, i'm taking some time to work on things I just haven't had the time to until now, uploaded altharm4.html, and altharm5.html in the chords portion of the guitar pages, also fixed a couple of links in the the chords lesson index, and updated the advanced page.

May 8-10, 2009 - added worksheets under sci tutormentor site in the math section as word docs. will be converting files to pdf format over next couple of days.

February 13, 2009 - added a background picture to the front page, and changed the text to be in white.

January 28, 2009 - added some index pages for the sci tutormentor part of the site as well as fixed a problem with the links. Pages uploaded are: (indexes for bio, space, engineering, math, earth sciences, survival, robotics, and links for space portion). I have decided to focus on one portion of the sci tutor site each month. February will be the Biology section.

January 2, 2009 - added some more lessons that were missing from respective sections: chords (voicings3.html, voicings4.html), scales (keys.html, modesandprogressions.html), styles (introblues.html, bluesshuffle.html, and fingerpicking1.html), as well as the archive from the original writing of the lessons as to be posted to Alt.Guitar.Beginner.I've decided not to repost the .txt versions of the lessons.

December 28 - added 8 more chord lessons (minmaj7.html, minor.html, passing.html, power.html, prog1.html, six.html, sus.html, and voicings.html) This effectively finishes the chords section as it was posted on the previous site. I will go through the remaining weekly lessons not yet in a section and redo the archive's index, and will work on finishing the remaining parts of the site. Needless to say I have now been thrown off a month from my plans and have lost my window to have video lessons shot for now. I will make arrangements to reschedule the shoots for next year.

December 27 - added 6 more chord lessons (maj7.html, maj9.html, maj11.html, maj13.html, major.html, and m7.html)

December 25 - added 6 chord lessons (intervals.html, m7.html, m9.html, m11.html, and m13.html)

December 24 - added 6 chord lessons (dom13.html, general.html, halfdim7.html, harm7.html, harmext.html, and harmtri.html)

December 22 - added 6 chords lessons (context.html, dim.html, dim7.html, dom7.html, dom9.html, and dom11.html)

December 19 - added 6 chord lessons (alt.html, arpeggios2.html, arpeggios3.html, aug.html, aug30.html, and borrowed.html)

December 18 - added last 6 of previously posted scale lessons (scat.html, singlestring.html, someminor.html, spanish.html, w12.html, and wholetone.html) I will begin fixing and uploading the chords lessons now.

December 17 - added 6 more scale lessons (pelog.html, pentmodes.html, persian.html, pentmaj.html, pentmin.html, and phrygian.html)

December 16 - added 6 more scale lessons (modalfam.html, modes1.html, modes2.html, modes3.html, neamaj.html, neamin.html)

December 15 - added 6 more scales lessons (lydian.html, major.html, melmodes.html, minor.html, mixolydian.html, and mminor.html)

December 13 - added 6 more scales pages (harmmin.html, hung.html, harmmodes.html, gypmodes.html, gypmin.html, hiroj.html)

December 12 - added some of the scale lessons today. Specifically artic2.html, blues.html, bop.html, create.html, dorian.html, enig.html, and general.html.

Dec 11 - added the theory pages previously posted. (intro.html, pitchnote.html, rhythmnote.html, timesig.html, intervals.html, scaleintro.html, cadence.html, formintro.html, keysig.html, major.html, minor.html, transpose.html, triad.html)

December 8 - Uploaded the pages for the fretboard part of the snglstringtheory site (reltune.html, notenames.html, readnote.html, applstand.html, chromappl.html, octaves.html, fretmaps.html, caged.html, zones.html, other.html, harm.html, capo.html, and alttune.html). Also reloaded index with link to the site map.

December 7 - added pages for beginner scale lessons (chromatic.html,warmups1.html,1stscales.html,intervals.html,steppat.html,begmajscale.html,artic1.html,licks.html,scalesyl.html)

December 6 - Added the beginer pages for the chords section (1stchords.html, readchords.html,fingers.html,readtab.html,openmajor,trouble.html,together.html,strumming.html,root.html,openminor.html,finding5,altbass.html,upneck.html,voicings.html,arpeggios.html). Also began reworking the code with XHTML/XML in mind. This will slow down the conversion process but was something I had planned to do anyways. Also added in meta tags so that bots could find and index the page for search engines.

December 4 - added the chordbook index and pages 1 through 46a to the site as well as the directory they go into.

December 3 - added beginner's index, intermediate's index and advanced index for snglstringtheory site.

December 2 - added several lame pages to indicate that the link is working but i haven't uploaded the file yet. It will take awhile to convert the links in the web pages to work with the new site. Please be patient. Also uploaded pages on Beginner's portion of snglstring area, specifically index.html, who.html, teachphil.html, question.html, answer.html, and gloss.html.

December 1, 2008 - Uploaded index page, sitemap, and site log to site.
Created areas for Snglstringtheory, Sci Tutormentor, games Puzzler pages. Uploaded index for snglstringtheory section.

November 30, 2008 - Bought the Domain
Will transfer old AOL site's content from Simianmoon, snglstringtheory, Sci Tutormentor, and gamesPuzzler to this site.
Also have plans to expand content and redesign information for this site.

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