Computer basics
  1. Turning on/off the computer/monitor
  2. Using the mouse
  3. Using the keyboard
  4. Opening a program/closing a program

Learning Word Processing and basic menu functions
  1. Using Notepad
    • Using File menu
      • New Document
      • save and save as
        • *.txt vs. *.*
      • Opening a saved document
      • Printing a document
    • Blocking text
    • Using the Edit menu
      • using undo
      • Cut, copy, paste, delete, select all; right clicking the mose
    • Using Help
  2. Using Wordpad
    • View menu and taskbars
      • ruler, toolbar, format bar, status bar, options
    • more File menu options
      • print preview, page setup
    • more Edit menu options
      • paste special, find, find next, replace, links, object properties, object
    • Insert menu
      • date and time, object
    • more File menu options
      • print preview, page setup
    • Format menu
      • Font, bullet style, paragraph, Tabs
  3. Using Paint
  4. Using Word
    • File menu extras
      • Save as web pages, versions, web page preview, properties
    • Edit menu extras
      • repeat, paste as hyperlink, clear, go to
    • View menu extras

HTML Tutorial
  1. Getting started and the HTML skeleton
  2. Iso-latin characters
  3. Playing with text
    I, B, U, CENTER, HR, H1...H6, OL, LI, UL, P, BR, PRE
  4. Adding Links
  5. IMG tag and attributes, clickable maps, background images
  6. FONT tag
  7. Adding color, BODY tag
  8. TABLE, creating tables
  9. Creating templates
  10. Forms
  11. Icons, buttons, bells, counters, some hacks, tricks+ tips
  12. Scripts, executable content
  13. Composing with Word, wordperfect, etc.
  14. Deprecated tags

File management, etc.

ftping on an aol account
Creating/managing files
Directory structure
Viewing and linking within your computer

  1. Cascading Style sheets
  2. DTDs
  3. Pros and Cons of HTML, XML. Why XHTML
  4. Well formed documents, changing from HTML to XHTML
  5. Frames
  6. Multimedia
  7. Creating your own tags
  8. Dynamic content
  9. XML proper

List of colors
List of tags
List of attributes
Where to go from here?

Christopher Roberts
sci tutormentor@aol.com

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